Enhance your experience with the Instant Pot App

1000+ recipes, Smart WiFi control, and more

A better cooking experience with the Instant Pot® App

Enhance your experience with the FREE Instant Pot® App.

  • Instantly access over 1000 recipes.
  • Mark favorite recipes to find them faster.
  • Find recipes for all appliances in the Instant Pot® family of devices.
  • Get direct control over your Instant Pot® Smart WiFi.
  • Create grocery shopping lists of recipe ingredients.

The Instant Pot® recipe app is available for both Apple and Android mobile devices.

Download the FREE Instant Pot® App now!

Help Links:

Help with WiFi pairing

Help with using App tools

Current App Version:  

2.3.0 (June 2019) 

Supported Operating Systems: 

iPhone and iPad: iOS 10, 11, 12 

Android: 5.1, 6, 7, 8, 9 

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