Pressure cooker veteran here – thumbs up on this one!

I have owned 8 different pressure cookers over the years, including an earlier version of the Instant Pot as well as the now-ancient oval (90 degree insert inside, pull up, turn back and clip-lock) lid with weight back in Europe in the 70’s.

This, so far, is the best pressure cooker I have yet seen.

It functions as a slow cooker, as an above-average quality rice cooker and -let’s not forget- a really good pressure cooker.

Disclaimer: we do still use our trusted Zojirushi rice cooker when a lot of things are cooking at the same time (and as far as stand-alone rice cookers go, Zojirushi makes the best, btw.)

Back to the pressure cooker… Some of the software limitations of the previous Instant Pot were fixed (namely, having to push the button for each and every minute, with only a 60 minute maximum timer – that was maddening). This control panel lets you click&hold and very quickly fly through the times, up until 120 minutes. It does fly through 0, so you can go up or down the shortest path to your desired time.

Pluses of this particular pressure cooker:

Much, much, MUCH more convenient to use than the “manual” type pressure cookers where you have to stand by until you hear the pressure has built up, then start the counter, then turn it off when it is done. This thing does everything on it’s own. Put the food in, set the desired cooking time, press start. Leave for work, come home and it is done (with stand-by heat so as to avoid spoilage).

Quality, pretty thick stainless steel pot (stay away from coated pots, aluminum pots, etc. as they leach bad stuff into food)

Virtually silent, you also have almost no food smell coming into your home during cooking, thanks to the internal pressure sensor. Psst, psst, psst sound gone.

Extremely energy efficient (much more so than the stove-top models, as you are heating only the inside, not the surrounding area. Energy savings multiplier during the summer, as you don’t have to cancel out the cooking heat with air conditioning the way you would with gas stove types that heat up the kitchen.

Very easy to clean – since only the pot has to be cleaned, it fits in the dishwasher better than the stove-top type with handles.

Very good quality, overall.

Ladies and gentlemen – this thing is officially awesome.

ps: also get “Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes”… This is the pressure cooker book to get. Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes

If you search the title on the web, her website also has a ton of the cooking times listed for free. “” (not a tie-in, I have no connection to them) or search “ ” followed by whatever food you need the cooking time for.

Examples of Google Searches (the the lines below exactly as they are, including spacing): rice broccoli ribs

I search for times of misc. food to cook on my smartphone like this, too. Very useful…

Jack London (Santa Rosa, CA USA)