Let’s face it. Most of us are either busy or lazy to cook a healthy meal. And in the cooking world, the time of cooking (how long for a particular kind of food I am cooking) and the type of cooking (pressure, steam, sauté etc) makes all the difference between a healthy meal and a screwed up meal. Instant Pot makes sure that all these human inconsistencies and concerns are taken care of before it prepares the perfect meal for you. I dumped a bunch of lamb bones and some water; closed the lid and pressed ‘slow cook’. About 10 hrs later, I come back and see I got the perfect meat stock. The same day, I steamed squash, sautéed some vegetables and pressure cooked some rice – all of the operations were super successful; anybody can put multiple functionalities into appliances now-a-days. But, the question is about accuracy and precision when each of those functionalities are put to practice. And that’s where Instant Pot wins. It’s one of the very few “no-nonsense, no-nuisance, strictly stick to the functionality and just get things done for me” kitchen appliance.

Ven (NJ)