This thing has changed my life. Sure, that probably sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s mostly true. I don’t know about you, but after cooking dinner almost every night for the last 25 years, I’m over it. What I really want is in-home room service, but Amazon hasn’t figured that out yet. Forget drones – put a delivery restaurant in my basement. But back to the pressure cooker…

I originally bought it to cook beans a lot faster than on the stove top, and it definitely does that. But then I started throwing whatever I wanted to in it – stuff I normally cook on the stove or in the oven, just to see how it would come out.

One Sunday I wanted to cook a chicken but of course, as usual, didn’t think of it until 4pm and still had to go to the store to get a chicken. So I put the whole chicken in there, with potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, garlic & herbs and a little white wine and chicken broth – I did not go to the trouble to first saute or brown the bird, then remove and sweat the veg, then put the rack in blah blah blah – too much work. This thing needs to work for me. And it came out wonderfully. I may have even thrown in some basmati rice too – I forget now. It was (as you might expect) super moist, flavorful, and the whole thing was done in about 30 minutes. A whole chicken. Everything – all done and in one pot while I did something other than cook.

If you’ve ever used a Romertopf, it’s like a Romertopf on crack. but no soaking and starting in the cold oven and all that crap. Just pile it all in there and push Go.

I’ve also done curry chicken and rice, with carrots & potatoes. Again, just throw it all in there – chicken breasts, the rinsed rice, coconut milk – all the usual stuff – Go. Done and delicious in about 15 minutes. I’m probably over-cooking everything because I can’t quite believe it cooks that quickly, but it does.

I did a stew in it the other night – a weeknight – loosely following the cook’s illustrated recipe in that I did saute the meat first (after trimming into more uniform sizes), then added the flour & made the roux, and all that took about 5-10 minutes. The saute function really works – it’s hot. Once the roux was done I threw in all the veg with some red wine, seasonings and stock and again, pushed Go. I think it was done in 20 minutes. Start to finish, probably 30 minutes. I left it on the “keep warm” setting for about an hour or so after serving and it was even better the next day. The oven-method cook’s illustrated stew recipe runs 2-3 hours. Please.

So, if you enjoy having more time in your day and only one cooking pot to clean up afterwards, this is the magic pot for you. The stainless steel insert is solid – no teflon (hate teflon/similar coatings).

It’s been well worth the money. I love it.

Jennifer Loring