If WE ran Instant Pot, we’d be up, shouting on a rooftop virtually every day! –

Laura Pazzaglia

This is the most popular multi cooker,  and is backed by a large community of experts and cooks. - Laura Pazzaglia

Nom Nom Paleo

I’m totally crushing on my Instant Pot. I love that I can make bone broth at a moment’s notice without having to babysit it like a stove-top pressure cooker... Yippee! - Nom Nom Paleo

Dad Cooks Dinner

If I could keep only one pressure cooker, the Instant Pot would stay. -Dad Cooks Dinner

Barbara Schieving

The Instant Pot cooks meals faster with less energy while preserving more nutrients. I think you’ll love it too. -Barbara Schieving

Archana Mundhe

Cooking has definitely been more fun since I started using the new Instant Pot Duo. …It is obvious why Instant Pot has been “America’s #1 Brand” with so many amazing reviews from its users. -Archana Mundhe

Researched them all – this one is the best

I searched high and low before settling on this electric pressure cooker. It is by far the best product on the market. The interior pot is stainless steel – no non stick coating to flake off into your food. The stainless steel is thick and…

Highly versatile and efficient appliance for the home

Purchased 2/2012, so as of this writing, we’ve had this for eight months, and it works phenomenally well. I cannot say enough about the Instant Pot. My wife and I owned another unit from a different company, but it’s pot was made of aluminum…

Ladies and gentlemen – this thing is officially awesome

Pressure cooker veteran here – thumbs up on this one! I have owned 8 different pressure cookers over the years, including an earlier version of the Instant Pot as well as the now-ancient oval (90 degree insert inside, pull up, turn…

Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

My mother bought this for me for Christmas, and I won’t hesitate to say I was a bit intimited by it at first. The first thing I tried cooking was a whole chicken… 25 minutes pressure cooked, and it turned out PERFECT, just as well as if…